Why Domes are a Solution to Global Housing Shortages

"New Nglepen" in yogyakartawas built after 2016 earthquake. 

"New Nglepen" in yogyakartawas built after 2016 earthquake. 

Domes provide a wonderful option for addressing housing shortages around the globe.

As our populations continue to grow, affordable and adequate housing is becoming increasingly imperative for communities around the globe. Housing shortages most impact the poorest countries and communities that lack a strong infrastructure to address their housing problem. Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, fires and floods also contribute to many housing shortages around the world.  

Domes are disaster proof and relatively low cost.

Domes are cost effective!  Domes will survive earthquakes, fires and floods, and last hundreds of years - giving communities in disaster prone areas future security.  Our domes are built using Basalt which does not expand or shrink with extreme weather, preventing cracks or weaknesses in the cement. Domes are also naturally very well insulated, saving communities energy.  Using the same building techniques, Domes can serve as houses, community centers, schools and medical facilities.

Building a Community

We not only build domes, we also educate people about sustainable housing, employing local contractors and workers, and empowering the community by creating a real sense of home.  The dome home community "New Nglepen" [seen above] was built after Yogyakarta suffered a massive earthquake in 2016. Dome homes provided them with eco-friendly housing, perfect for extreme weather.