How much do they cost?

A simple question, the answer however depends on a number of different factors. Most of which are common to all construction of housing or commercial buildings.

For instance how many buildings are required? How large is the building? How soon do you need it/them built? Where do you need it built? What are material costs at your proposed location? What are the local labor costs? Etc etc.  The other main cost factor is whether you are planning to build a Monolithic Dome in which case the airform ‘former” can only be used once or an EcoShell where the airform can be used many times. Monolithic domes also require an integral polyurethane foam layer as a main construction component.  We can provide you with very rough square foot costs for the slab and the dome shell but with with a low degree of accuracy.  If you would like a more detailed idea of cost we can help you attain this with the completion of a custom built feasibility form. We do charge for this service but the cost is recoverable against the price of the project.