What is the difference between an EcoShell and a Monolithic Dome?

  • An EcoShell utilizes an inflatable Airform as the ‘former’ for the open-span reinforced concrete shell. Steel rebar (reinforcing bar) is laid over the outside of the Airform and is embedded in a few inches of concrete.  

  • The Airform is deflated and can be reused up to 100 times. 

  • EcoShells are subject to size limitations.

  • The Monolithic Dome utilizes a single use inflatable Airform as the former for the building.  Insulation foam is applied to the inside surface of the Airform.

  • Steel rebar is attached to the inner surface of the foam and sprayable concrete is used to embed the steel. Monolithic Domes can be built up to the size of stadiums. 

Should I build an EcoShell or a Monolithic Dome?

  • If you live in the continental US or an area subject to sub-zero temperatures you will need to build a Monolithic Dome.

  • If you are planning to build in an area with a year round warm climate,  the EcoShell might be more cost effective.

What are the advantages of a Monolithic Dome over conventional housing?

  • Monolithic Domes are earthquake, fire, hurricane/tornado and flood resistant.

  • They are FEMA certified as providing ‘near absolute protection”.

  • The Monolithic Dome will provide energy savings of 1/2 to2/3 over conventional construction.

  • The dome shell can be constructed rapidly and in most weather conditions.

  • The lifespan of a Monolithic Dome can be  measured in centuries.

What are the advantages of an EcoShell over conventional housing?

  • EcoShells are earthquake, fire, hurricane/tornado and flood resistant.

  • EcoShells can be built rapidly by a local workforce using locally available  materials. 

  • Incredible economies of scale can be achieved. 

  • Large numbers of houses or community buildings can be built with a consistent high quality.    

  • Money and skills are injected into the local economy. 

  • Low start up costs.

  • Low maintenance high quality buildings with a life span measured in centuries.

What does an EcoShell Cost?

  • This is dependent on a number factors:  The number of intended buildings, their location and local labor and material costs.

  • Please see the contact section for a more complete answer.

What does a Monolithic Dome Cost?

  • Please send us details of your planned construction for a complete answer.

Will a Monolithic Dome get a building permit / pass building inspections?

  • Yes, unless certain aesthetic limitations are in place.

Will I get a mortgage if I build a Monolithic Dome?

  • Yes, we can put you in touch with a mortgage company that specializes in Monolithic Domes.

Can I construct a Monolithic Dome as an “Owner / Builder”?

  • Yes. this is often the most affordable way to build a Monolithic dome.

Can I build an EcoShell in the US?

  • Not usually as a residence.

What information can HDomes Consultation & Construction provide to investors for large scale projects?

  • We can provide a major project ‘roadmap’ detailing designs, protocols, labor / material / equipment requirements, time frames etc etc.

Where can I see a Monolithic Dome?

  • We can direct you to the nearest Monolithic Dome and help you arrange a visit to the building.

Can I hire HDomes to provide a ‘turn key’ house?

  • At this time we are only providing a service to construct or facilitate the construction of the shell. Local contractors are required to finish the building.

  • Please contact us for further details.

Can HDomes provide Supervision only for a Monolithic Dome construction project?

  • Yes

Can HDomes provide EcoShell supervision Services?

  • Yes, we can also provide trainers to teach a local workforce.

Can HDomes provide EcoShell or Monolithic Dome Design Services? 

  • Yes

Does HDomes work in partnership with Charities and NGO’s?

  • Yes.