Construction of the Monolithic Dome begins with the slab or ring beam. This is the foundation for the dome shell.  Steel reinforcing bar (rebar) is set at specific locations sticking up from this foundation.  

If a slab has been poured both it and the rebar are covered with plastic.

The Airform is attached.  An airlock and an inflator fan are attached.  Waste pipes and utility conduits are sealed.

The Airform is inflated. 

Window and door frames (bucks) are placed inside the Airform. 

 A layer of Polyurethane foam is applied to the inside of the Airform fabric. 

Rebar attaching points (stickers) are embedded in the foam. 

A second layer of foam is applied.

Rebar is strategically placed as per engineering specs.

Shotcrete (a 'sprayed' type of concrete) is applied in layers.

Once the last concrete layer has been applied and has dried, the fan is turned off and the Airform material in the windows can be removed.